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Cresskill Public Schools Announces Water Testing Results Updated February 24, 2017

February 24, 2017

Over the last several months the Cresskill Board of Education has been remediating all of the water sources that previously resulted in elevated levels of lead. Yesterday, we received the results of the re-testing of those water sources from Suburban Testing Labs/Karl Environmental Group. Even with the steps that were taken to remediate the water sources the results have shown continued elevated levels of lead in some of the re-tested water sources in both Bryan School and the Middle/High School.  No water sources that were re-tested in Merritt Memorial School produced elevated levels.  These sources of water will continue to be unavailable until the water has been re-tested again and certified to be healthy. 

Once the specified water sources are remediated the Cresskill Public School District will authorize Suburban Testing Labs/Karl Environmental Group to return to the district and re-test those water sources in accordance with federal EPA standards. The latest test results are now posted on our website.

Michael Burke
Cresskill School District
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